Sponsor Authorisation – IRAS Applications

IRAS applications

Where NHS ethics approval IS required there is no longer a requirement for the application to be reviewed by a University (College/School) Research Ethics Committee (revised University Research Ethics Policy May 2018).

Where an NHS ethics approval is NOT required (e.g. NHS staff research) then University (College/School/Central) Research Ethics review is required (as NHS ethics do not review staff projects).

In either case, complete applications (protocol, IRAS etc – I have templates to use, I’ll send them over later) should be sent to me using sponsor@lincoln.ac.uk (following academic supervisor review) for a sponsor governance review. Once this review process is complete and sponsor authorisation is obtained then the application may be submitted to HRA/NHS/University ethics as required.

The following documents should be sent for governance review: protocol, completed IRAS dataset, participant information sheet, consent form and any other applicable study documents – see IRAS checklist.

For advice, guidance and sponsor review please email sponsor@lincoln.ac.uk