Research Ethics

The University is moving to an online ethical application system referred to as the Lincoln Ethics Application System (LEAS). The system is a bespoke system designed to ensure all ethical applications include and address the relevant information surrounding the ethical implications of the research. The system is also designed to make the reviewing of applications quicker and easier for both the applicant and reviewer.

The system is to be used by all staff and PGR students to seek a favourable opinion (previously referred to as ethical approval) before conducting any research.

Research is to be defined as below:

             ‘Research is defined as any form of disciplined enquiry that aims to contribute to a body of knowledge or theory’

A more comprehensive definition may be found in the Frascati Manual 2015 

LEAS can be accessed using the following link:


The University has Academic Policies on conducting research which can be found below:


Applicant guidance is available to view:


There are currently two ethics committees in relation to the new system:

The Human Committee –

  • Chair Professor David Mullineaux (Sport & Exercise Science)
  • Deputy Chair Dr Adele Langlois (Social & Political Sciences)
  • Deputy Chair Professor Jon Whitehead (Life Sciences) 

The Non-Human Committee –

  • Chair Professor Oliver Burnam (Life Sciences)
  • Deputy Chair Dr Carl Soulsbury (Life Sciences) 


Any queries about the system should be directed to

If you are a reviewer please click here.